• HTML5 / SASS
  • jQuery
  • AJAX to inspect api.wordpress.org
  • Custom PHP
  • PHP creates custom bash script on the fly

WordPress svn sprout is a .command script for Mac OSX. Once an empty project has been checked out from SVN, running it downloads WordPress, sets externals for plugins and themes while you wait.

Check out WP SVN

A personal project to help speed up the creation of WordPress sites, while working under SVN. Aimed at developers, the site allows users to set SVN externals and have the configuration saved and installable through a bash script, that I wrote myself.

As well as keeping plugins and themes separate from SVN projects the site allows two different WordPress setups and parent/child theme preferences.
The site uses jQuery AJAX to inspect the WordPress theme/plugin API and then perform a content scrape of the corresponding SVN repository.

The site does allow users to save their configuration with a simple password.

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