Time to Leave Cambodia

June 11, 2007

With a majority vote on how we were going to Vietnam, we decided to take a taxi the border crossing closest to Tinh Bien.

The taxi (again another Toyota Corolla) with busted air con and cracked windscreen picked the three of us at our GST guesthouse.

In hindsight now the bus may have been more comfortable, but we took a 4 or 5 hour taxi ride to Tinh Bien.

It rained a few times during the trip, and with the defogger not working, it made for a hazardous but an uneventful journey.

With one car change over we arrived at the border just after midday. The Vietnamese officials took a little while to peruse our passports. When satisfied they allowed us to cross—into nothing.

Chau Doc was nowhere to be seen, and there was no bus or public transport to this town. However, several “Motto” taxis approached us ( seeing we were distressed ) and agreed to take us to Chau Doc to catch the bus to Can Tho.

You can read more about the trip here, but in the end it cost us three times as much as taking the bus to Ho Chi Min city.The upside is that it saved us a day in back-tracking.

 Getting map markers...