The Killing Fields

July 2, 2007

The Killing Fields are about 20 minutes away from the prison. All that is there now, are the countless excavated mass graves and a huge memorial stupa which has many human skulls that were from the graves.

A few have bullet holes in them, but most have smashed skulls as the Khmer Rouge wanted to save bullets. The prisoners were literally lined up and one by one were either shot or bludgeoned to death and thrown into the mass grave.

There are signs around the memorial stating “this is where….” etc. The worst I think was the Killing Tree, where they would beat and kill the children. And the branch above would hang huge speakers that played music as to deafen the noise coming from the prisoners. All of this for being no more than a civilian.

Some say that Pol Pot wanted equality between the Cambodians, thus ‘exterminating’ anyone with skill or money, and starting over the entire Cambodian race.

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