Toul Sleng Prison

July 2, 2007

Not many people know about the massacre in Cambodia in the mid-70’s, which is weird after learning the scale of how evil it was. I personally didn’t enjoy this sad place.

When Pol Pot ‘liberated’ Cambodia in 1975, within 3 hours his army or Khmer Rouge as they were known started arresting people for no more than being teachers, farmers, engineers, professors and students. The reason is that these we ‘learned people,’ and could be a threat to Mr P. Also, there would be a chance that offspring of these ‘learned people’ would be intelligent too, so best elminate them as well.

The Khmer Rouge would ‘detain’ prisoners at S-21 which was a prison, but formally a high school, before the Khmer Rouge came to power. Here they would interrogate and torture the prisoners before moving them to the Killing Fields were they were ‘exterminated.’ S-21 is now a museum, which is still kept in disturbingly original decor.

Between 1975-78 when the Kymer Rouge regime started and ended, 11000 people were moved through the prison, holding 1200 and 1500 prisoners at any one time, where the duration of imprisonment would be between 2-4 months. Only7 survived.

They said that the Khmer Rouge were so evil that they would take babies from there mothers and simply cut their throats in front of them, then torture and rape the mother. They have some of the torture tools they used in huge cabinets.
Even more chilling were the black and white photos taken by the Vietnam army when they finally found the prison and realised what had been happening. The last 14 prisoners that were there were all tied up, tortured and had either there throats cut or were bludgeoned to death.

The rooms they were found in and the iron beds they laid in are still in the same room, with the disturbing photo of how they were found hanging on the wall.

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