Sihanoukville - Beachy

June 8, 2007

When we arrived in Sihanoukville midday on the 7th, we decided to stay near Serendipidy Beach at guest house called GST. It was owned by the same company as the bus service. At $2 dollars a night we thought we stay here for a little while, and a week later we were still there.

We ate at the Mermaid (British owned) and the Dolphin shack where you get a fire dance display as you dine on fresh barbecued fish or stir fried dishes rarely costing more than $3 per main course.

Constant begging on the beaches soon becomes annoying as does the steady stream of people wanting to sell you fruit, prawns, bracelets, massages, etc. Many of these are children who continue their efforts well into the night when you’re sat on the beach having dinner. Having put up with them all day the night shift is just over the top.

I personally was abused by a 12 year old boy for not buying his bracelet, after he decided to raise the price. He said that he would take a dump on my face if I didn’t go through with it, and that is saying it politely.

Reflecting back some of the children here spoke very good English, probably the best in South East Asia.

The three of us went on a snorkelling tour, to relieve the boredom. While it was a nice day out the water was not as clear as the waters in Thailand, i.e Koh Tao.

After a few late nights we managed to organise our Vietnam Visas, and we took a taxi to the border – which proved to be an expensive mistake

 Getting map markers...