September 25, 2007

Visiting Victoria was a great day out.  The day began early with an pick from the Sea Island Way bus stop, near the airport.

The good thing about these tours, as Mike pointed out, the bus goes on the ferry first and leaves first, thereby making efficient use of time.

I was at the bus stop by 7am, on the ferry by 8ish, and by about 11am  in Victoria.  I spent the day exploring the waterfront.

I visited the Royal BC Museum right down near the water. I must say that this museum beats any museum I have previously seen. The Natural History gallery had some amazing and detailed installations. Truely  world class.

A little further along the road is the Royal London Wax Museum. That held my interest for about half an hour. I skipped over the crown jewels area— as I already seen the real thing in London— of course there was all the famous people there carefully depicted: Shakespeare, Newton, Einstein, John F Kennedy, Bush Junior and Senior etc.

Last on the day I visited Lego Land near the Empress Hotel. It was only mildly amusing and I never bothered to take any photos.

By this stage I think I had enough of Museums. I found a nice café and settled down for a bit before taking the bus and ferry back to Vancouver.

 Getting map markers...