Whistler - The Zipline

September 28, 2007

This was the last weekend with Mike and so it was off to Whistler. Being late October there was no snow, but that was okay as I hadn’t planned to ski.

Unfortunately when we arrived the lifts were not operating on the mountain so we could not go any further.

We checked out the local tourist information office and we discovered a company called Zipline.

This company operates 6 flying foxes that traverse a nearby mountain range. Well we thought, that sounds like us. We joined a group of ten others and spent most of the afternoon riding down mountains.

At the end of the lines were a series of crash springs and you had to adopt a legs parted crash pose. Quite fun!

Afterwards we had a look around the village quite touristy. In reality though, there wasn’t that much to do apart from wander through shops. Mike and I got back on the bus and came back to Vancouver.

 Getting map markers...