Pakse and the Boloven Plateau

August 15, 2007

According to the Lonely Planet guide, Pakse is Laos’ southern transport hub. It’s hardly the most picturesque place I’ve visited so far, but we still had pretty good time here. We arrived early in the morning… the lights on the bus were slammed on, and the music turned up loud. Just a polite way of waking everyone up.

We had to wait till 10am for our room to become available. What happened was we were following two Spanish guys who were trying to barter with the manager for a room. Although the prices are in several ten-thousand Lao Kips, it equates to next to nothing. These guys were haggling over the equivalent of $1.50US.

I felt relieved when these guys accepted their room and another Lao gentleman checked so out we could have the his room—at an even cheaper price .Pushiness here won no favours from the manager.

That day was a relaxation day, and the next day we hired a motorbike to go riding around the Boloven Plateau. It was cool to be riding around again, despite the rainy weather. We went and saw a few waterfalls.

At the first waterfall (Tad Fan Waterfall) we ran into a Thai tour group and they were all very friendly toward us. The other waterfalls were further away and the some of the dirt roads were a slippery. I nearly lost the bike a few times at a relatively slow speed with Sam on the back.

After returning the bike we bumped into an Irish/Spanish couple that we met in Dalat at a restaurant. We decided therefore to stay and have Indian with them that night. Sam and the Irish man (whose name escapes me) had a good time, but when the Irish drum came out I think it was time to go!

The next day we booked a boat down to Champsak to see another temple, in the style of Ankor Wat, and then it would be onto the Four Thousand Islands.

 Getting map markers...