Westminister Abbey

September 29, 2007

The last day for sightseeing started with an eastern stroll alongside the Thames. I was thinking of going up on the London Eye to get better idea of the scale of the city. The prospect was dashed when I saw the queue winding back from the structure.

Instead I walked straight past the crowd, over the bridge and followed the stream of tourists to Trafalgar Square. I was quite interested to see the new, and at the time, controversial statute of Mandela inside Trafalgar Square.

I turned and followed the lines of people homing toward Westminster Abbey. Unfortunately, my ignorance is going to quickly wrap this section, running low on pounds I should’ve forked out for the . I humbly followed all the tourists around to inspect the statues and tombs of famous people.

The only tombs that I recognized (and remember) were of Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.

Afterwards I spent the day checking out the El Salvador Dali Museum and the buskers along the Thames.

Next stop: Canada.

 Getting map markers...