May 21, 2007

A few days back in Bangkok after seeing Kanchanaburi, we organised another tour to see the former capital of Thailand: Ayutthaya.

This time however we wouldn’t come back to Bangkok. Instead we would stay at Guesthouse called “Tony’s Place,” for 3 or 4 days.

Just like the Kanchanaburi tour we were up and waiting outside at our guesthouse at 7am. A Thai woman came and collected the three of us. We shared the minivan with three other girl backpackers who were from England.
Ayutthaya is only about a 1 hour drive north of Bangkok. Ayutthaya was the capital of the Thai kingdom at its mightiest.

It was conquered by Burma in 1767 and today only the ruins of its glory remain. So the whole day was spent visiting temples. From memory we saw the following temples:

  • Wat Lokayasuthram
  • Wat Mahatat (the most photographed picture: a Buddha head overgrown with tree roots)
  • Wat Pra Ram
  • Wat Sri San Phet

Wat Mahat Buddha head in the tree I could cheat and pretend to know all the meanings behind the above structures but, to be honest, the information from the guide went in one ear and out the other. By 3pm the tour was over but instead of going to Bangkok we took our bags and hired a three-wheeled samlaw (taxi) to the reputable “Tony’s Place.” We met Tony, very hardcase and friendly fellow.

The meals there were very good, but a short distance from the guesthouse Sam discovered a bar that has a magician waiter. Hours on fun, the magic seemed to get more interesting as we drank more. Just a few metres up the road was a very good live jazz club called Moon Cafe that we frequented a couple of nights in a row.

On the 23rd we took a train up to Lopburi to visit the monkey temple.

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