Khao San rd. The backpackers' black hole

March 31, 2007

This marked an extreme slow down in our sightseeing. We had been down south to see Hua Hin and partied it up in Koh Phanghan for Full Moon.

The road is about 250 metres long, and all day it’s full of foreigners. There is not much to do but drink, eat, drink some more and be merry.

All around the packed street are vendors selling anything from fake ids to t-shirts. When we returned from Koh Samui, Sam and I stayed at a place called Marco Polo’s Guesthouse. It was cheap at just 350 Baht ($10NZ each) with air conditioning, crucial during this time of year. However, it was next door to a night club. The windows were cracked from all the “dof, dof, doffing” that carried into the wee hours of the morning. It was pointless trying to sleep there some nights.

Later we discovered a nearby street called Soi Rambruttri. A paved street, a bit more classy than Khao San road, and  so much quieter at night. With time racing by, we decided that we needed to get moving again. We booked a tour with a local agent to see the Tiger Temple at Kanchanaburi.

 Getting map markers...