Chiang Mai: Caves, Elephants, and Water Fights!

April 6, 2007

Coming to Chiang Mai was comfortable. We left Bangkok train station in the early evening and we arrived early the next day. The overnight train certainly beats buses.

For one, you can sleep horizontally no problem, secondly you don’t have to worry about having head on collisions with other motorists on the roads. More about that later.

Waiting at the train station was Prapum and a friend of his. The most important thing now was to eat. After breakfast Prapum took the three of us out to a Temple on the outskirts of Chiang Mai called “Wat Nong Boa” or Lotus Lake Temple.

We would use this as a base for excursions into Chiang Mai: Night markets, Songkran, elephant riding and cave trekking. Later we went further north to Chiang Rai to see a hill tribe.

 Getting map markers...