Kroobiasrivechai Caves & the House of Many Elephants

April 6, 2007

From Wat Nong Boa, Prapum and Ajarn San organised a trip for us by mini van to the see an Elephant craftsman and later, a few caves.

Pulling outside the Pretch Wiriya’s office (a two-storied house) a large life-size elephant statue greeted us. Inside the house was wall to wall elephant carvings, mostly wooden, in all kinds of depictions: birth, death, herds, mating and embryonic states.

We walked outside the house with the monks and watched the workers create yet more elephants. Apparently Mr. Wiriya’s company has created over 80,000 elephants.

After the elephant crafting we were off to the caves.This was our first real introduction to the differences the way Thai people drive compared to New Zealanders. Firstly, there is no aggression, but the Thais like to use an imaginary middle lane to over-take slow-moving vehicles. A blind corner is still no to using this “middle lane.” It was a somewhat eye-opening experience.

There seemed to be no other tourists around when we arrived at the caves. It was a good steep walk to get to the entrance, but once inside it was good to escape the heat. We wandered around inside the caves for over an hour.

There were many shrines and areas of worship, but I remember being cleansed of sin when I stepped into one particular cave—well that’s woman tour guide said.

 Getting map markers...