Koh Samui: Farang Fest.

May 1, 2007

Sam and I had organised our accommodation in Phuket .We already had a hotel booked in Koh Samui because Ben, Joy and Som stayed at another beach. Our beach (called Bop Hut), was very quiet. The beach had a nice view of the big Buddha monument, but unfortunately the beach was directly in line with a Koh Samui’s airport runway.

There would be a colossal surge of propellers passing overhead every two or three hours.

In all we spent at least two weeks in Koh Samui. After Full Moon, we stayed together near the main to wharf (to Savanaket) on Nathon Beach. From here, Sam and I went snorkeling. Then after Nathon we got stuck in “Farangville” that is, Chaewang Beach.

Joy came back down briefly again for the second weekend and she took us to see the Talingnam Crocodile and Snake show. Definitely a case of “Fear Factor,” as one of the snake performers decided to walk into the audience and show me the snake close up. Not for me!

After too much partying we eventually went back to Bangkok. We took an overnight bus back and arrived in the early hours on the 12th of May.

 Getting map markers...