Wild Pattaya

April 1, 2007

Master Praprum decided on taking us down to Pattaya for relaxation. In hindsight I think he was taking the mickey. We were lucky to stay at one of a series of luxury hotels in Thailand: Rabbit Resort on Dongtan beach.

Deborah ( the owner ) arranged an antique room for the three of us. Everything was taken care of, and we were very grateful for that.

Of special mention is Thorne. His father owns a hotel also on Dongtan Beach and he would gladly take the three of us into town when it suited. The famous Tiffany’s show is probably worth checking out, if you’re down in that part of Thailand. It was pretty slick, and yes, the male performers do look like beautiful women.

However, we felt a little out-of-place in Pattaya. For one, we were not fifty years old. Secondly, we did not have heaps of cash. Pattaya does have a strong under-current of sex and trashy bars. With the help of Thorne he knew of a bar called Thai bar called Booze. It was funny walking in as the only foreigners.

It was a normal Thai nightclub, and clearly we were out-of-place. The Thais there must have thought we were lost. The whole drinking culture is so different to home and more civilised than the munter rugby pubs of Christchurch.

After a few relaxing days (mainly in the pool) at our hotel, Thorne picked us from our hotel and took us back to his father’s Siam Heritage hotel in Bangkok. It was a means to meet up again with Master Prapum before he left to go to Chiang Mai.

We too would follow him the following day by overnight train.

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