Ho Chi Min City - the Capital

June 14, 2007

The capital of Vietnam, Ho Chi Min City or Saigon, we thought was going to be rough.

But we didn’t have any trouble with being mugged or robbed. We were just legitimately ripped off in broad daylight.

Arriving again by “Ba La La Loi Bus” from Can Tho we headed for the Pham Ngu Lao area of the city. This time I had my money stashed properly in my money belt as the Lonely Planet didn’t paint the capital as a very safe place.

The first impression of the city was the number of motorbikes. Crossing the road was a test of nerve. The technique was to walk at a steady pace (and not to stop) and thereby allowing the motorbikes to swerve around you, like the a way a river flows around rocks.

This is daunting with 6 lanes of traffic bearing down.

As a group we checked the major boxes in the city: the War Museum and the Reunification Palace.

Sam unfortunately was struck down again by his mystery fever, so we ended up staying nearly a week in Ho Chi Min. Sam went and saw a doctor at the hospital but the doctor was unable to decide the cause.

Meanwhile Ben and I visited a Chau Dausim Temple and the Tunnels of Cu Chi.

 Getting map markers...