Mui Ne - Sand Sledding

June 23, 2007

I quite liked Mui Ne. We took a motto taxi from Phan Thiet, on a rainy day. The 15 kilometre trip resulted in all our gear being drenched.

Mui Ne beach is typical island beauty. But as the weather was not great and we did not stay long.

Besides Sam had sold me on the idea of taking the Easy Rider Tour through the central highlands.

After laying out our wet gear inside the bungalow, (our guide books drenched too) we set off to book a tour around the area.The next day was yet another early morning rise to witness the sunrise and try to avoid the afternoon heat.

The $15US tour was a means to get around the area by army jeep. The tour guide was not much of a guide, he was quite content to sit in the jeep while Sam and I jumped out and took photos.

We we did the following on the 23rd of June:

  • Sand Sleding on the dunes
  • Visited the Mui Ne fishing port
  • Visited the Red Canyon rock formation
  • Walked up the shallow waters of the Fairy stream

Sand sledding is pretty neat. The sand dunes were a good 20 minute drive away, and when we arrived we were the only ones there. As we walked into the area, two children followed along with us and showed us the dunes. After a couple of demos it was our turn. Sam picked up the technique right away. I didn’t.

Red Canyon was quite unusual. Large flat vertical columns of hardened sand in a narrow canyon. Unfortunately though, with tourism a lot of the area is defaced with people wanting to show the world that they were there -carving initials into the canyon walls.

After morning tea we walked along the shallow waters of the Fairy Stream to its waterfall ending. Children along the way wanted to be tour guides. But, our hardened resolve and wallets did not want anything to do with it.

 Getting map markers...