Introducing the Easy Riders

June 26, 2007

Our friendly guides for a week were Peter and Sang. Both born in South Vietnam, they’ve been taking tourists on expeditions for 10 years.

Peter (left) and Sang (right) took us through the Central Highlands
Peter (left) and Sang (right) took us through the Central Highlands.

They planned to take us through the Central Highlands, up through the Ho Chi Min Trail and down to the coast town of Hoi An. This would mean we would get off the standard tourist trail and really experience Vietnam. We would stay at home stays, eat authentically (including dog) and experience the countryside.

One the first day Peter and Sang showed us the Crazy House in Dalat. One our tour inland toward the mountains we stopped of at a couple of plantations (coffee and pepper) before making a stop at a silk factory.

Sang showed us around the processes involved: extracting the silk from the cocoon, cleaning and the final weaved product. The weaving machine was hypnotic to watch.

After riding for an hour or so we stopped at a waterfall. Sang took us down a damp path to the base of the waterfall, where we got drenched. Not that it mattered as in the days to come we would be getting a lot wetter.

 Getting map markers...