The Easy Rider Tour - Kontum

June 29, 2007

The amazing scenery continued along the way to Kontum. We checked into our hotel at 10am, and our Easy Riders came and got us for the afternoon. We went and saw more waterfalls.

But that night was most memorable in terms of the way the Vietnamese drink.”Mot. Hai. Ba. YO!” I heard this a many times around the restaurant and it means to sink your drink—usually rice whiskey.

We had small shots of the stuff, it’s similar in composition and taste to lighter fluid. So with a few more “mot, hai, ba, yos” Sam and I were written off that night, and so were our guides. The next day was spent in the fetal position.

Sam and I shared the same topic of conversation: “This has to be the worst hang over ever.”

 Getting map markers...